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Ted Pestor

Retired, BTH/Grace Christian University/ 50yr ministry
Retired Pastor however doing mission outreach through web site and two book for the understanding of God's Word and His working in the world. Discovering the greatness to understanding the Bible instead of here-say. Examining why you're alive.  Explaining why there is so much confusion about religion and what is true Christianity. Living life! How & why? ( - Where Is God? Lexie Discovers God's Plan to Save the World
ISBN: 9781498421553, and - The Essential Criteria of Dispensational Theology for the Professional and Layperson
ISBN: 9781632219657


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How can I be saved?

Ted Pestor The Word of God speaks to all who are open to the truth. 1 John...

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Why is there a need for healing leaves from the tree in Revelations?

Rev 22:7,12 ‘I come quickly’ The reference is referring to the dispensation...

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