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Ruth Pistole

~*~God Gets All The Praise, Glory, and Honor~*~
~*~Some collage education from Lee University~*~
~*~I have a heart for the youth and young adults, such a critical age~*~
~*~I am 100% North Carolinian, family has been stomping on these grounds since the 1770s from the Mountains of the Blues Ridge to the Coast. I am proud of my Heritage.~*~
~*~If I had super powers I would end abuse of ALL kinds~*~
~*~I accept everyone not matter what you believe in, I am not going to change you nor stuff what I believe in down your throat, nor am I going to judge you~*~
~*~I don't believe in dating, it like a game to me, where you leave part of yourself with them and they do the same~*~
~*~I have a sponsor child thru Compassion International~*~
~*~I volunteer with Outreaches and events at my Church~*~
~*~Helping others and ministries behind the scenes brings me joy~*~

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In Daniel 12:2, what does it mean that many who sleep shall awake, some to everlasting life?

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