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Jim Riddle

Old, tired, retired, fat, bald, gimpy and happy
Retired engineer: mining, environmental systems. Too many degrees including one in Christian education. Currently Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, Gloria Dei in Urbandale, Iowa.
I know enough about mining, field artillery, ballistic missile defense, and nuclear war planning to have been dangerous at one time. I know enough about environmental assessment to have made a living, and I used to be pretty fair at air pollution. I even was a county engineer in Iowa supervising county roads.
Then God slowed me down. All the beating up I had done to my body caught up with me as arthritis, depression, anxiety, and non-military PTSD, so I became disabled. I still think a lot, sometimes, too much. I am on the Asperger end of an Autism Spectrum Disorder so I ramble, but I'm very thorough and very binary. You're gonna get a yes or a no from me; I'm virtually never in the middle.
And, I'm probably gonna answer anything you ask; but, you might not like my answer. I try to refer to scripture for everything, and I interpret scripture with scripture. I suppose there's nothing wrong with that .

Fight all your battles on your knees and you win every time; keep a .357 magnum and a 12 gauge around for violent people who interfere with some situations, though. Moses was told to slay with the edge of the sword; my swords have multiple edges and are ready to finish where Israel failed if it comes to that. That is not altogether a passive attitude of a disciple of Christ, but then I do not claim that it is.

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How can I overcome fear of praying in church?

I used to fear prayer in church because of semantics and interpretations....

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Why does God ask Christians to stand firm, pray against, even cast off demons - rather than not allowing the demons to act?

I like to come up with simple answers. Demons are Satan's army. In Matthew 9,...

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How does young earth creationism handle the apparent evidence for millions of years in the fossil record?

There are two highly appreciable and scientifically acceptable, but rejected...

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How do I motivate myself to pray when I don't feel like it?

Joyce Meyer once said, I believe, "When my feet hit the floor in the morning...

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What must we do in order to become effective workers for God according to Ezekiel 22:30?

Using scripture to interpret scripture, let us back up in Ezekiel 22 to the...

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As Christians how are we supposed to deal with violence and lawlessness in our country today?

I have been consistently reminded lately that even though the world, as far...

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Where did the woman that Cain married come from?

Not as a bragging point but a technical point - I do have a PhD in Science...

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How do I live my life for God?

I believe what Elisabeth Eliot once said; it's really very simple: Whatever...

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Do I have to get baptized in a church by a pastor, or can my Christian dad or another Christian do it?

This is a great question, and it deserves probably a greater answer than I...

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Can a Christian listen to a Buddhist lecture?

Easy to say, difficult to do: of course a Christian, rightly prepared in the...

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How should Christians talk to their adult children about salvation?

As a follower of Jesus, I know my role as a father is very well guided;...

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What does the Bible teach about defending one's family?

My answer comes from a simile that Jesus used directly in the 11th chapter of...

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What is the age of the universe?

I was educated as a professional engineer; I have a lot of background in...

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What does the Bible teach about defending one's family?

Such as carrying/defending your family with weapons?

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