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Ellie Gardner

Specialty, "ancient animated landscape rock art", Christian.
Raised in a denominational congregation that worshiped the traditions of men rather then following the Word of God. It is far better to please God than man. So, like Paul and other early members of the Churches of Christ, I belong to "The Way", which is the one and only Gospel as taught by our Lord Jesus Christ and His Apostles.

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Which of the 30,000 Protestant denominations is the true church of God?

The question that I wish to present is this: Which religious group or...

1 Comments 15 More Answers 1 Vote Asked July 10 2015


What is Jesus' love in the true, biblical sense? What should it look like?

Jesus love in the true biblical sense is the same type of love that we should...

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How do I motivate myself to pray when I don't feel like it?

Typically I would answer this question with scripture, however, my own...

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How many angels are equals to "one legion?"

Myriad, derived from the Greek μυριάς (murias) meaning 10,000 or an...

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Does Acts 2:38 teach that baptism is necessary for salvation?

This is my answer; straight from the Word. Verse 5 is a command. John 3 New...

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