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dave tyler

Christian Blogger
 I have been in the Kingdom of God since the early 80's. It was a dramatic conversion, because I was a trouble maker. I am a witness of the power of God, for there has been many sign and wonders happen in my life. At times I cannot get enough of the Word of God. 
 I wish I could say that my life has been perfect, but I have had some problems along the way. I was very much backslider at one time, then the power of God left me. It is sad to say but I quenched the Holy Spirit and have never fully recovered with that type of power since. I can surly say that I am a child of the Kingdom, for God did punish me as a child. He had built me up in the Spirit and in the physical, but when my pride took over as He said pride could do, He took everything from me and all I want now is to never have that type of pride again. One day soon I hope that He will trust me with that type power again, I sure miss it. He will give me a little taste of the River that flows from the Throne. It is like in Ezekiel 47, I am just part of the way in the river, going for the deep end...
God Bless and Look Me Up

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