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Craig Mcelheny

Christian Author
Worked 44 years in the electronics industry as a professional Logic Design Engineer. Last position held was 'Engineer Consultant' with Emulex Corporation in Costa Mesa, CA. Spent the last 13 years heading up the FPGA ASIC prototyping department for the Fibre Channel division in Network Storage. Retired from engineering on February 3, 2012.
 Presently, I am an author and self publisher, with a passion for the truth in Scripture. My Facebook author's page has a series of notes entitled "Connecting the dots" that expounds upon my lifetime views developed over 34 years of studying and seeking the truth from Scripture. From the beginning, in 1979 when I 'Found the Lord', I authored three books on the Bible, publishing the first paperback in 1992, entitled "The Rapture and the Last Seven Years". It was done under the pseudo name of Michael Paul Christianson.
 I have released an ebook version, and Second Edition, of "The Rapture and the Last Seven Years" in February of 2013. It's main point is a Post-Tribulation view of end time prophecy, which places the return of Jesus Christ after a last seven year period of yet to be fulfilled prophecy, but before Armageddon and the subsequent end of the world.
 The second book, entitled "The Foundation of the World" was released in May of 2013, also as an ebook only. It deals with Satan and angelic warfare, prior to the Fall of man. Like the first book, it deals with much more than just prophecy, or angelic warfare. All three of my books deal with the underlying principle that man has existed in the past, but we are currently undergoing a transformation process whereby God's Creation will be changed into a likeness of His divine nature, unable to lie, or be tempted by sin. Thus, the new Creation will be a set of sentient beings in which there will be the complete eradication of evil.
 My third book is entitled, "The Mystery of the Kingdom of Heaven: The Origin of Man". It was released in September of 2013, as an ebook.

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Can a Christian 'give back' salvation?

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