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Nancy Sires

Retired. Now my life is dedicated to doing God's will.
Born to a Southern Baptist preacher and his wife, grew up in the church, walked away from God at 16 after getting married.  I was 45 when I gave up trying to do things my way, messing my life up more than I could have ever imagined.  Since 1994, I have been like a sponge.  God became real to me in every aspect of my life.  Now Jesus is my everything and I am free from the restraints of religion.  God has blessed me with an amazing hunger to pray w/o ceasing, to love people and to teach others what He taught me.  I am continually humbled by the people He has entrusted me pray for, to walk them through The Word to help them understand how much He loves them, and to help them grow spiritually.  I am a self-proclaimed Jesus freak and am so excited to see how the Book of Revelation is unfolding now right before our eyes.

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Will God continue to forgive you if you commit the same sin over and over again?

When God forgives our sin, He does not hold it against us nor does He even...

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What is phileo love?

Phileo love is from the original Greek meaning a "brotherly love".

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Where did Joel Osteen get the saying "this is my Bible I can do what it says I can do"?

I began attending Lakewood Church in 1995, when Joel's father, John Osteen...

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