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Gene Waldenmaier

Retired, Commissioned Officer, BSME, MBA, PE, Consultant
Background: Born in 1938.  My Lutheran Confirmation at age 14 required months to memorized the Ten Commandments, the Bible books, several creeds and many tenets all based “according to the Scriptures”.  My faith was based on an ‘inerrant Bible’ being written by God.

High school evolution challenged my faith but I refused to believe the “evolution’s proven facts of science”. College science courses and debates intensified that challenge. A ‘philosophy and religion’ course left me further corrupted with the premise “ancient political leaders compiled fables to form the Bible to control society with morals and laws enforced by a godly fear”. The second corrupt conviction was “god is whatever we made it to be”! These premises satisfied my thoughts of why there were so many religions.  

Believing these corrupted tenets had me believe that I was duped into ‘good behavior’ by a man-made religious system.  However, while I rebelled, I still believed there was a God, my family heritage of tithing to ‘society’ (or God) appeared valid, and our children should be exposed to religion (Episcopal Church at that time).  With an unfilled longing that something was missing, I tried to fill it by ‘being a better person’ trying to be a better family man, active in the children’s YMCA, scouting, school events and with minimal support to their interests  I also became active as a Mason to give more to society.

In the 20 year period between rebellion and experiencing a life changing event, I rebuffed individuals who spoke to me about a relationship with God because of my disdain for the Bible.  Then something big happened.  I heard a five part radio lecture on the “Authenticity of the Bible” by Dr. Henry Morris from Christian Heritage College (in San Diego, CA). Intellectually, he proved God wrote the Bible and I contacted him for his tapes and the lecture outline. The over-whelming evidence proved only God could execute such statistically impossible odds without a single flaw.  Shortly thereafter, I listened to the “good news” and made the decision to accept sin forgiveness that was paid by the shed blood and death of Jesus on the cross and established a personal relationship with Him that has grown ever since. 

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