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bobby rutherford

Husband , Father of 2
I am a believer in God , but not so sure of my faith . So , before anybody assumes that I don't know about Jesus and salvation Ill give my brief history . A year and a half ago I was a dedicated Baptist church member and believed I was saved . It was like overnight I started having really bad anxiety about my faith and life in general . I was afraid of all the questions stirring in my mind because I hung everything on my faith . Eventually I faced up to them when I realized that I couldn't hide anything from God . So instead of hanging to a certain doctrine I realized that maybe the answer was to seek God on my own , which was something I had came up with out of scripture . [ Mostly from Psalms , but also all through the Bible ]  So here I am today . Im no longer a church member , but I do fear God and am trying to get answers and hoping every day that ill truly find God . Don't be mistaken about my knowledge of the scriptures . Through all this seeking I have a lot more knowledge than I did in years of being a church member . Im open to discussion as well if anyone wants to email me at