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Randolph Batcho

Pastor(Part time)
I am married have have two beautiful daughters. I came to know the LORD while I was working in Jordan. It was an overnight change for me from being a total adulterer. To make a long story short, I went to sleep that night as an adulterer and drunkard, but woke up to a totally new world in the LORD, and I praise the LORD for saving me from that evil life.

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Why did Jesus ask John to take care of Mary at his crucifixion instead of his siblings?

It is very clear for the Scripture John 19:25-26 that it was only Mary the...

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Do we now have to keep the sabbath?

All laws that God gave in the Old Testament was until Christ. The LORD Jesus...

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Where did the woman that Cain married come from?

It is so simple to understand. Adam and Eve were the first humans to be...

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Is it a must to speak in tongues if you are filled with the Holy Spirit?

Speaking in tongues or languages, as it should be known is a gift of the Holy...

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If you have a lot of debt, can you temporarily stop tithing while paying off the debt?

Even though tithing is not commanded in the NT we need to tithe. By tithing...

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