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Hong Ding

school teacher
I was born in Beijing. my husband and I come to America for studying at graduate school. we were invited to a student Bible study and church of Assembly of God. On day when I was in church sing hymn, I feel so peaceful. My friend told that I was touched by holy spirit. After that I was Baptist in a river in a hot summer. In 1996, my marriage falling apart. There is only way for me which is I will go through this mess with God. In another word, if God doesn't help we will divorce. 
in 1997 the second day on new year, I met Grace in a classroom when she tried to turn off the light on my classroom. She didn't see me. That night had a heavy snow. when I drove home, I saw her was waiting for a bus. I offered the ride. Since then, we become pray partner. we often prayed in her small office which in a very end of left side of budding even we do not know how to pray and why pray. we just did it. Now we understand that it is God's mercy, grace and Love. God chose us when we were in such bitter situation. It not because we are good, it just because his authority. Dr. Bill are godfather of Grace. When we are really struggling in our marriage, Dr. Bill told us that we should respect our husband. 
I will come back and continue on my bio... 

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Why is it that whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit can not be forgiven?


Matthew 12:32

32 无论谁说话得罪了人子,还可以赦免;但说话得罪了圣灵的,今生来世都得不着赦免。

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What does it mean ask to in His name (Jesus)?


John 14:14

14 你们若奉我的名向我求什么,我必定成全。

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What is the best way to pray for my husband's salvation every day?

We have been praying for my husband's salvation for 20 years, but he stil...

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