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Yo Soy

Mother and caregiver of a special needs son.
I have been a Christian since early 80s. Before I received Jesus as my Savior  in early 80s, I  felt the power of the Holy Spirit drawing me to God to come back to church but I realized later it was not the building but it was to seek Him and to know Him.  The only faith I barely knew was Catholicism so I started going to Catholic churches in the beginning and from there I visited several denominaitons.  I did not stay in any of them for too long.  When I came to Miami, FL in early 80s, the  evangelical movement was strong and I attended what I thought was an evangelical church for 15 years, but it was a big disappointment toward the end of my stay because there was too much emphasis in the material prosperity gospel. It took me 15 years to realize that something could not be totally right when all of the testimonies were just focused about material things as a retribution for bringing tithes and offerings but if a.person was going through tribulations, the leaders questions the person's obedience and scary tactics like God's curse if tithes were not brought to the altar like using Malachi 3 was used often.  I left that church and learn to be more careful in choosing where to congregate.  God is faithful and has never left or forsaken us during very difficult times and has supplied all our needs and continues to strenghten me to take care of my special needs son.  To God be the honor and praise. Amen!

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