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Why did Queen Vashti refuse the King's request?


Esther 1:12

ESV - 12 But Queen Vashti refused to come at the king's command delivered by the eunuchs. At this the king became enraged, and his anger burned within him.

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Mini Kenneth Heck
In addition to the feast of the king, Vasti was also giving a feast for all the women in the royal house (Est 1:9). There was no telling how long the display of her beauty with the royal crown (Est 1:11) would take (as everyone filed past her) with the numerous princes, nobles, etc., present in the palace, especially since the king was merry with wine (half-drunk) and probably everyone else. She could have perhaps thought that obeying the king's order would have made her absent for the remainder of her own feast, which she may have believed she had a royal right to have.

Vashti should have realized she was a queen in name only, with no rights of her own, and serving strictly at the pleasure of the king.

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Mini Debbie Gabse
I believe that the King's request was more than,"Come join my friends and me." It was a summons to preform whatever traditional dance was expected. Additionally, I believe that the Queen was expected to be naked, to showcase her beauty. The Queen refused because she felt this was below her dignity and it was disrespectful of the King to ask.

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Mini Judy Doyle
Many times throughout the Bible, God used evil to defeat evil. Vashti had no love for the Jews. God knew what Haman was going to do, so Vashti had to go. She would not have defended the annihilation of the Jews. In comes Esther. God put His woman in the place of royalty to defend the Jews and preserve them. God is in control. Haman was very evil and hateful toward the Jews. He had no idea that Esther was a Jew. For the Jews to survive the order put down by Haman, God intervened. Praise His Name!

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Mini Wilbur Pig
Personally, I think that Vashti was a good person. Was she a jew? No. Would she have stood up for the Jews? Probably not. However that was purely due to her upbringing. In fact she shows great strength by refusing to come to the king. I mean would any of YOU want your wives or daughters standing in a room full of drunk men, whether dressed or not? I doubt that if she did come any of the men would actually do anything wrong to her. Even drunk they were too scared of the king to do that. But, none of the men, including the king had honorable intentions.

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