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How did Lazarus come out of the grave? The Bible states he was bound hand and foot.


John 11:44

ESV - 44 The man who had died came out, his hands and feet bound with linen strips, and his face wrapped with a cloth. Jesus said to them, "Unbind him, and let him go.

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Stringio Mi Shad Ow Layman
Here's what Matthew Henry's Commentary says about this:

This miracle was wrought, [1.] Speedily. Nothing intervenes between the command, Come forth, and the effect, He came forth; dictum factum-no sooner said than done; let there be life, and there was life. Thus the change in the resurrection will be in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, 1 Co. 15:52. The almighty power that can do it can do it in an instant: Then shalt thou call and I will answer; will come at the call, as Lazarus, Here am I. [2.] Perfectly. He was so thoroughly revived that he got up out of his grave as strongly as ever he got up out of his bed, and returned not only to life, but health. He was not raised to serve a present turn, but to live as other men. 

[3] With this additional miracle, as some reckon it, that he came out of his grave, though he was fettered with his grave-clothes, with which he was bound hand and foot, and his face bound about with a napkin (for so the manner of the Jews was to bury); and he came forth in the same dress wherein he was buried, that it might appear that it was he himself and not another, and that he was not only alive, but strong, and able to walk, after a sort, even in his grave-clothes. 

The binding of his face with a napkin proved that he had been really dead, for otherwise, in less than so many days' time, that would have smothered him. And the standers-by, in unbinding him, would handle him, and see him, that it was he himself, and so be witnesses of the miracle. Now see here, First, How little we carry away with us, when we leave the world-only a winding-sheet and a coffin; there is no change of raiment in the grave, nothing but a single suit of grave-clothes. 

Secondly, What condition we shall be in in the grave. What wisdom or device can there be where the eyes are hoodwinked, or what working where the hands and feet are fettered? And so it will be in the grave, whither we are going. Lazarus being come forth, hampered and embarrassed with his grave-clothes, we may well imagine that those about the grave were exceedingly surprised and frightened at it; we should be so if we should see a dead body rise; but Christ, to make the thing familiar, sets them to work: "Loose him, slacken his grave-clothes, that they may serve for day-clothes till he comes to his house, and then he will go himself, so clad, without guide or supporter to his own house.' 

As, in the Old Testament, the translations of Enoch and Elias were sensible demonstrations of an invisible and future state, the one about the middle of the patriarchal age, the other of the Mosaic economy, so the resurrection of Lazarus, in the New Testament, was designed for the confirmation of the doctrine of the resurrection.

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Seth3 Seth Freeman
He either hopped out, or after he came back to life he sat up and removed some of the wrappings. It's not like he was tied up extremely tightly, he was being buried, not tied up like someone being kidnapped!

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Q jcryle001 JD Abshire
I understand that after the deceast's body was washed and dried Jewish custom was to wrap the body in strips of cloth creating somewhat of a mummy effect. If this was the case with Lazarus and considering the scripture states he was "bound hand and foot" it would have been impossible to walk.

This is further supported by the Lord's command to "loose him and let him go".

I believe Lazarus's body was transported by the Holy Spirit, the same power by which the bodies of departed saints will rise on resurrection day.

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