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When Noah exited the ark with the animals, did the dinosaurs live among the people?


Genesis 8:20

ESV - 20 Then Noah built an altar to the Lord and took some of every clean animal and some of every clean bird and offered burnt offerings on the altar.

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Mini dennis mclelland
Genesis tells us that land animals were created on the sixth day, along with man. That's about 6000 years ago. That's what God tells us. Just believe it. Scientists will come at you with their theories. Just stick with God's words! Trust what He says! The Bible tells us that "God is not a man, that He should lie."

When dinosaurs were created, they were created as plant eaters. Read Genesis 1 to see what I mean. They did not tear each other apart because Adam and Eve did not yet sin. Once they ate the fruit, then violence and death entered. Cain murdered Able. You can bet that the animal world began to attack other animals, because of sin. Ignore carbon 14 dating. TRUST GOD AND HIS WORD. The Bible tells us that all animals entered the ark. I don't understand it, but God said it!

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Mini don mccormack
I am a believer and Jesus is my savior. But I am also a believer in evidence and looking at the facts. Looking at the creation of the universe, it takes more faith to believe we were created by an accident of nature just occurring over millions of years vs. Intelligent design. The facts and eyewitness accounts are overwhelmingly in support of the fact that Jesus Christ was God on earth, performed miracles and raised from the dead. 

The overwhelming evidence also suggest that dinosaurs existed, some were meat eaters and that evolution does occur. Science supports the Bible. The Bible is not clear about many details so we have to take on faith those types of things that are not written about, Rest assured, the world is waaaaaay older than 6,000 years old, dinosaurs did exist and Jesus Christ came to save our sins and will return one day.

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Heart cross Robert Madden Robert Madden - ParsonRob
Yes, dinosaurs really did exist. Keep in mind that animals were living long years also! I'm sure when Noah brought them on the ark they were young and small. But obviously, after the flood, longevity of life, drastically changed. Thus dinosaurs became extinct. The previous answer about the earth being millions of years old, discounts the changes that were made on Earth during the catastrophic deluge. Human history, and the earth is only about six thousand years old, or we no longer can depend on God's Holy Word. Evolution is a lie, out of Hell, from Satan himself!

ParsonRob - Rob Madden

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Mini Greg G
Can't it just be both? I am a very faithful catholic but the earth was not created 6,000 years ago. It says God created the earth, God created animals, God created man. Couldn't that mean God created the means to which we would all come about? It all just comes down to faith. Some parts of the Bible are not to be taken so literal but supposed to make you think about what is said and dwell on it which then makes you search deeper for answers which in turn brings you closer to God. Is not that one of the reasons why Jesus spoke in parables? So that the ones who wanted to learn would delve deeper and seek it's understanding? So that the Truth would not be so easy understand that anyone who does not seek out Jesus could not know the Truth? Even the disciples were sometimes confused with Jesus's teachings and tried to take it too literal without looking deeper.

Saying evolution comes from Satan could be what Satan wants us to believe and say. It creates hatred of others and their opinions. Hatred is the opposite of love which God commands us to have for one another. Evolution, moreover, does not discount God. What if God had Genesis written and created evolution as tool to test our faith? And by testing our faith then God will truly see who believes in Him? Isn't that the whole point of our earthly existence? To have our faith tested, to then succeed in having full faith in God even if some facts are confusing, to love God with everything we have and love others like you love yourself? 

The main point is God works in great and mysterious ways and God wants you to learn and to discuss to become closer to Him -- which is what everyone is doing right now discussing this issue. God Bless

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Stringio Ken Miller
The Bible is not meant to be a scientific journal. Science and God are not in conflict. AIG is just the opinion of some apologists. I see nothing about it that impresses me or changes my mind one iota about science.

If AIG is correct, then all the world's scientists would have to be morons. These "morons" got us to the moon and back, have found cures for numerous diseases, and are on the verge of being able to prolong life indefinitely. A good many scientists believe in God. Why do so many people INSIST that you MUST believe the Earth is 6,000 years old? Let it go.

Amazing how people love to use pre-supposition to "Prove" a Young Earth....circularity....

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