Is there a time when the Lord will not be near?


Isaiah 55:6

ESV - 6 Seek the Lord while he may be found; call upon him while he is near.

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Is.55.6 suggests a time when men cannot find God. 

The Bible mentions six of these times:
1. When they turn their hearts away from Him and will not hear (Dt 30:17-18 1 Sam 28:6; Chr. 10:13-14 Ps 95:7-11 Jer 11:10-12 Mt 13:13-15).
2. When they mock God and scorn at His dealings until calamity comes (Prov 1:23-31).
3. When they become too proud and stubborn to humble themselves before Him (Num 16).
4. When they neglect to settle all matters with Him until judgment falls (Acts 5:1-11).
5. When they die in sin (Heb 9:27).
6. When they blaspheme the Holy Spirit (Mt 12:31-32).

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Good question, Richard. Dwight Moody says this: Supposing I should state that last night a man came into this place and lost a very valuable present; something he valued a great deal more than the value of the present because it was the gift of his dying mother. Suppose he should send up a note to me, saying: "Mr. Moody, I lost, last night, a very valuable diamond; and I am willing to give anyone that can find that diamond, $20,000." I am sure there would be a great search. How many do you suppose would be seeking for that diamond? I would not give much for my sermon to-night. A man might say: "I am poor; and if I could find that diamond, wouldn't that take me out of poverty and out of want?" You wouldn't wait until I got through my sermon, but you would be looking down at your feet and under the benches. 

My friend, isn't the salvation of your soul worth more than all the diamonds that the world has seen? Isn't it worth more than the whole world itself, and isn't it the best thing you can do to-night to seek the Lord? Not only that, but it is a command to seek the Lord while he may be found, and call upon him while he is near. It is just as much a command for you to seek the Lord as it is that you sha'n't swear. It is just as much a command, as it is that you sha'n't steal. It is a command. There are a great many commandments. Some people have got the idea that there are only ten commandments in the Bible. There are thousands of them, and this is one of them. It is the voice of the Lord himself. 

Seek him, with all your heart. Now just see how men seek for wealth. When the California fever—the gold fever—broke out, men left their wives, and left their children, and left their parents, and their homes and luxury, and went out to the Pacific coast, and slept out in the open air, and under tents, and endured want. What for? That they might get wealth. They could not make too great a sacrifice to get wealth; and when I was out there in business, I was amazed when news came that gold was found one hundred miles away. They would pack up, men, women, and children, and away they would go. A whole town would move, just to seek wealth. Then they went out to Australia, in the time of the gold fever in that country. They were willing to make almost any sacrifice. Look and see these politicians work. Let one of them be nominated alderman, or for some position under the government, and how they will seek your vote. They will come around to your house early in the morning, just to seek your vote. They don't sleep at night; they are willing to do everything they can do to accomplish their purpose.

Let us go and learn a lesson from that. If there is no reality in
this gift of God, if it is all a myth, then let us dismiss it. If it is
true, and we can find the Lord by seeking him, let us seek him. A
man will go around this world for his health; he will cross oceans
and climb steep mountains just to get his health. Thanks be to God
that you haven't got to go around the world to get salvation; you
haven't got to go out of this building to find salvation. "Ye shall
find me when ye shall search for me with all your heart."

If you don’t seek the Lord with all your heart, you will find that that is the time that He is not near, and you won’t find Him.

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