The Holy District

Ezekiel 45

1 “When you divide the land among the tribes of Israel, you must set aside a section for the Lord as his holy portion. This piece of land will be 8 1/3 miles long and 6 2/3 miles wide. 1 The entire area will be holy. 2 A section of this land, measuring 875 feet by 875 feet, 2 will be set aside for the Temple. An additional strip of land 87 1/2 feet 3 wide is to be left empty all around it. 3 Within the larger sacred area, measure out a portion of land 8 1/3 miles long and 3 1/3 miles wide. 4 Within it the sanctuary of the Most Holy Place will be located. 4 This area will be holy, set aside for the priests who minister to the Lord in the sanctuary. They will use it for their homes, and my Temple will be located within it. 5 The strip of sacred land next to it, also 8 1/3 miles long and 3 1/3 miles wide, will be a living area for the Levites who work at the Temple. It will be their possession and a place for their towns. 5

6 “Adjacent to the larger sacred area will be a section of land 8 1/3 miles long and 1 2/3 miles wide. 6 This will be set aside for a city where anyone in Israel can live.

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