The East Gate to the Outer Court

Ezekiel 40

5 I could see a wall completely surrounding the Temple area. The man took a measuring rod that was 10 1/2 feet 1 long and measured the wall, and the wall was 10 1/2 feet 2 thick and 10 1/2 feet high.
6 Then he went over to the eastern gateway. He climbed the steps and measured the threshold of the gateway; it was 10 1/2 feet front to back. 3 7 There were guard alcoves on each side built into the gateway passage. Each of these alcoves was 10 1/2 feet square, with a distance between them of 8 3/4 feet 4 along the passage wall. The gateway’s inner threshold, which led to the entry room at the inner end of the gateway passage, was 10 1/2 feet front to back. 8 He also measured the entry room of the gateway. 5 9 It was 14 feet 6 across, with supporting columns 3 1/2 feet 7 thick. This entry room was at the inner end of the gateway structure, facing toward the Temple. 10 There were three guard alcoves on each side of the gateway passage. Each had the same measurements, and the dividing walls separating them were also identical. 11 The man measured the gateway entrance, which was 17 1/2 feet 8 wide at the opening and 22 3/4 feet 9 wide in the gateway passage. 12 In front of each of the guard alcoves was a 21-inch 10 curb. The alcoves themselves were 10 1/2 feet 11 on each side. 13 Then he measured the entire width of the gateway, measuring the distance between the back walls of facing guard alcoves; this distance was 43 3/4 feet. 12 14 He measured the dividing walls all along the inside of the gateway up to the entry room of the gateway; this distance was 105 feet. 13 15 The full length of the gateway passage was 87 1/2 feet 14 from one end to the other. 16 There were recessed windows that narrowed inward through the walls of the guard alcoves and their dividing walls. There were also windows in the entry room. The surfaces of the dividing walls were decorated with carved palm trees.

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