The Third Plague: Gnats

Exodus 8

16 So the LORD said to Moses, "Say to Aaron, 'Stretch out your rod, and strike the dust of the land, so that it may become 1 lice throughout all the land of Egypt.' " 17 And they did so. For Aaron stretched out his hand with his rod and struck the dust of the earth, and n it became lice on man and beast. All the dust of the land became lice throughout all the land of Egypt. 18 Now o the magicians so worked with their 2 enchantments to bring forth lice, but they p could not. So there were lice on man and beast. 19 Then the magicians said to Pharaoh, "This is q the 3 finger of God." But Pharaoh's r heart grew hard, and he did not heed them, just as the LORD had said.

  1. Cross References
    Psalms 105:31
    He spoke, and there came swarms of flies, And lice in all their territory.
  2. Cross References
    Exodus 7:11
    But Pharaoh also called the wise men and the sorcerers; so the magicians of Egypt, they also did in like manner with their enchantments.
    Exodus 7:12
    For every man threw down his rod, and they became serpents. But Aaron's rod swallowed up their rods.
    Exodus 8:7
    And the magicians did so with their enchantments, and brought up frogs on the land of Egypt.
  3. Cross References
    Daniel 5:8
    Now all the king's wise men came, but they could not read the writing, or make known to the king its interpretation.
    2 Timothy 3:8
    Now as Jannes and Jambres resisted Moses, so do these also resist the truth: men of corrupt minds, disapproved concerning the faith.
    2 Timothy 3:9
    But they will progress no further, for their folly will be manifest to all, as theirs also was.
  4. Cross References
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    "And the Egyptians shall know that I am the LOR...
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    Then Pharaoh's servants said to him, "How long ...
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    So they said, "If you send away the ark of the ...
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    "And watch: if it goes up the road to its own t...
    Psalms 8:3
    When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your ...
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    But if I cast out demons with the finger of God...
  5. Cross References
    Exodus 8:15
    But when Pharaoh saw that there was relief, he hardened his heart and did not heed them, as the LORD had said.
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