Ezekiel's Wife Dies

Ezekiel 24

15 Also the word of the LORD came to me, saying, 16 "Son of man, behold, I take away from you the desire of your eyes with one stroke; yet you shall p neither mourn nor weep, nor shall your tears run down. 17 "Sigh in silence, q make no mourning for the dead; r bind your turban on your head, and s put your sandals on your feet; t do not cover your 1 lips, and do not eat man's bread of sorrow." 18 So I spoke to the people in the morning, and at evening my wife died; and the next morning I did as I was commanded.

19 And the people said to me, u "Will you not tell us what these things signify to us, that you behave so?" 20 Then I answered them, "The word of the LORD came to me, saying, 21 'Speak to the house of Israel, "Thus says the Lord GOD: 'Behold, v I will profane My sanctuary, 2 your arrogant boast, the desire of your eyes, the 3 delight of your soul; w and your sons and daughters whom you left behind shall fall by the sword. 22 'And you shall do as I have done; x you shall not cover your 4 lips nor eat man's bread of sorrow. 23 'Your turbans shall be on your heads and your sandals on your feet; y you shall neither mourn nor weep, but z you shall pine away in your iniquities and mourn with one another. 24 'Thus a Ezekiel is a sign to you; according to all that he has done you shall do; b and when this comes, c you shall know that I am the Lord GOD.' "

25 'And you, son of man - will it not be in the day when I take from them d their stronghold, their joy and their glory, the desire of their eyes, and 5 that on which they set their minds, their sons and their daughters: 26 'on that day e one who escapes will come to you to let you hear it with your ears; 27 f 'on that day your mouth will be opened to him who has escaped; you shall speak and no longer be mute. Thus you will be a sign to them, and they shall know that I am the LORD.' "

  1. Cross References
    Jeremiah 16:5
    For thus says the LORD: "Do not enter the house of mourning, nor go to lament or bemoan them; for I have taken away My peace from this people," says the LORD, "lovingkindness and mercies.
  2. Cross References
    Jeremiah 16:5
    For thus says the LORD: "Do not enter the house of mourning, nor go to lament or bemoan them; for I have taken away My peace from this people," says the LORD, "lovingkindness and mercies.
  3. Cross References
    Leviticus 10:6
    And Moses said to Aaron, and to Eleazar and Ithamar, his sons, "Do not uncover your heads nor tear your clothes, lest you die, and wrath come upon all the people. But let your brethren, the whole house of Israel, bewail the burning which the LORD has kindled.
    Leviticus 21:10
    He who is the high priest among his brethren, on whose head the anointing oil was poured and who is consecrated to wear the garments, shall not uncover his head nor tear his clothes.
  4. Cross References
    2 Samuel 15:30
    So David went up by the Ascent of the Mount of Olives, and wept as he went up; and he had his head covered and went barefoot. And all the people who were with him covered their heads and went up, weeping as they went up.
  5. Cross References
    Micah 3:7
    So the seers shall be ashamed, And the diviners abashed; Indeed they shall all cover their lips; For there is no answer from God.
  6. Cross References
    Ezekiel 12:9
    "Son of man, has not the house of Israel, the rebellious house, said to you, 'What are you doing?'
    Ezekiel 37:18
    And when the children of your people speak to you, saying, 'Will you not show us what you mean by these?' -
  7. Cross References
    Jeremiah 7:14
    Therefore I will do to the house which is called by My name, in which you trust, and to this place which I gave to you and your fathers, as I have done to Shiloh.
    Lamentations 2:7
    The Lord has spurned His altar, He has abandoned His sanctuary; He has given up the walls of her palaces Into the hand of the enemy. They have made a noise in the house of the LORD As on the day of a set feast.
    Ezekiel 7:20
    As for the beauty of his ornaments, He set it in majesty; But they made from it The images of their abominations - Their detestable things; Therefore I have made it Like refuse to them.
    Ezekiel 7:24
    Therefore I will bring the worst of the Gentiles, And they will possess their houses; I will cause the pomp of the strong to cease, And their holy places shall be defiled.
  8. Cross References
    Jeremiah 6:11
    Therefore I am full of the fury of the LORD. I am weary of holding it in. "I will pour it out on the children outside, And on the assembly of young men together; For even the husband shall be taken with the wife, The aged with him who is full of days.
    Jeremiah 16:3
    For thus says the LORD concerning the sons and daughters who are born in this place, and concerning their mothers who bore them and their fathers who begot them in this land:
    Jeremiah 16:4
    "They shall die gruesome deaths; they shall not be lamented nor shall they be buried, but they shall be like refuse on the face of the earth. They shall be consumed by the sword and by famine, and their corpses shall be meat for the birds of heaven and for the beasts of the earth."
    Ezekiel 23:25
    I will set My jealousy against you, And they shall deal furiously with you; They shall remove your nose and your ears, And your remnant shall fall by the sword; They shall take your sons and your daughters, And your remnant shall be devoured by fire.
    Ezekiel 23:47
    The assembly shall stone them with stones and execute them with their swords; they shall slay their sons and their daughters, and burn their houses with fire.
  9. Cross References
    Jeremiah 16:6
    Both the great and the small shall die in this land. They shall not be buried; neither shall men lament for them, cut themselves, nor make themselves bald for them.
    Jeremiah 16:7
    Nor shall men break bread in mourning for them, to comfort them for the dead; nor shall men give them the cup of consolation to drink for their father or their mother.
  10. Cross References
    Job 27:15
    Those who survive him shall be buried in death, And their widows shall not weep.
    Psalms 78:64
    Their priests fell by the sword, And their widows made no lamentation.
  11. Cross References
    Leviticus 26:39
    And those of you who are left shall waste away in their iniquity in your enemies' lands; also in their fathers' iniquities, which are with them, they shall waste away.
    Ezekiel 33:10
    "Therefore you, O son of man, say to the house of Israel: 'Thus you say, "If our transgressions and our sins lie upon us, and we pine away in them, how can we then live?"'
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    Then the LORD said, "Just as My servant Isaiah ...
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    Moreover take for yourself an iron plate, and s...
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    "In their sight you shall bear them on your sho...
    Ezekiel 12:11
    "Say, 'I am a sign to you. As I have done, so s...
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    And while the crowds were thickly gathered toge...
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    For as Jonah became a sign to the Ninevites, so...
  13. Cross References
    Jeremiah 17:15
    Indeed they say to me, "Where is the word of the LORD? Let it come now!
    John 13:19
    Now I tell you before it comes, that when it does come to pass, you may believe that I am He.
    John 14:29
    And now I have told you before it comes, that when it does come to pass, you may believe.
  14. Cross References
    Ezekiel 6:7
    The slain shall fall in your midst, and you shall know that I am the LORD.
    Ezekiel 25:5
    "And I will make Rabbah a stable for camels and Ammon a resting place for flocks. Then you shall know that I am the LORD."
  15. Cross References
    Psalms 48:2
    Beautiful in elevation, The joy of the whole earth, Is Mount Zion on the sides of the north, The city of the great King.
    Psalms 50:2
    Out of Zion, the perfection of beauty, God will shine forth.
    Ezekiel 24:21
    Speak to the house of Israel, "Thus says the Lord GOD: 'Behold, I will profane My sanctuary, your arrogant boast, the desire of your eyes, the delight of your soul; and your sons and daughters whom you left behind shall fall by the sword.
  16. Cross References
    Ezekiel 33:21
    And it came to pass in the twelfth year of our captivity, in the tenth month, on the fifth day of the month, that one who had escaped from Jerusalem came to me and said, "The city has been captured!
  17. Cross References
    Ezekiel 3:26
    I will make your tongue cling to the roof of your mouth, so that you shall be mute and not be one to rebuke them, for they are a rebellious house.
    Ezekiel 33:22
    Now the hand of the LORD had been upon me the evening before the man came who had escaped. And He had opened my mouth; so when he came to me in the morning, my mouth was opened, and I was no longer mute.
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