Contributions for the Sanctuary

Exodus 25

1 Then the LORD spoke to Moses, saying: 2 "Speak to the children of Israel, that they bring Me an 1 offering. a From everyone who gives it willingly with his heart you shall take My offering. 3 "And this is the offering which you shall take from them: gold, silver, and bronze; 4 "blue, purple, and scarlet thread, fine linen, and goats' hair; 5 "ram skins dyed red, 2 badger skins, and acacia wood; 6 b "oil for the light, and c spices for the anointing oil and for the sweet incense; 7 "onyx stones, and stones to be set in the d ephod and in the breastplate. 8 "And let them make Me a e sanctuary, 3 that f I may dwell among them. 9 "According to all that I show you, that is, the pattern of the tabernacle and the pattern of all its furnishings, just so you shall make it.

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  2. Cross References
    Exodus 27:20
    And you shall command the children of Israel that they bring you pure oil of pressed olives for the light, to cause the lamp to burn continually.
  3. Cross References
    Exodus 30:23
    Also take for yourself quality spices - five hundred shekels of liquid myrrh, half as much sweet-smelling cinnamon (two hundred and fifty shekels ), two hundred and fifty shekels of sweet-smelling cane.
  4. Cross References
    Exodus 28:4
    And these are the garments which they shall make: a breastplate, an ephod, a robe, a skillfully woven tunic, a turban, and a sash. So they shall make holy garments for Aaron your brother and his sons, that he may minister to Me as priest.
    Exodus 28:6 - 14
    And they shall make the ephod of gold, blue, purple, and scarlet thread, and fine woven linen, artistically worked.
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  6. Cross References
    Exodus 29:45
    I will dwell among the children of Israel and will be their God.
    1 Kings 6:13
    "And I will dwell among the children of Israel, and will not forsake My people Israel."
    2 Corinthians 6:16
    And what agreement has the temple of God with idols? For you are the temple of the living God. As God has said: "I will dwell in them And walk among them. I will be their God, And they shall be My people.
    Hebrews 3:6
    But Christ as a Son over His own house, whose house we are if we hold fast the confidence and the rejoicing of the hope firm to the end.
    Revelation 2:13
    I know your works, and where you dwell, where Satan's throne is. And you hold fast to My name, and did not deny My faith even in the days in which Antipas was My faithful martyr, who was killed among you, where Satan dwells.
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