Israel's Failure to Hear and See

Isaiah 42

18 Pay attention! Are you deaf?
Open your eyes! Are you blind?
You're my servant, and you're not looking!
You're my messenger, and you're not listening!
The very people I depended upon, servants of God,
blind as a bat - willfully blind!
You've seen a lot, but looked at nothing.
You've heard everything, but listened to nothing.
God intended, out of the goodness of his heart,
to be lavish in his revelation.
But this is a people battered and cowed,
shut up in attics and closets,
Victims licking their wounds,
feeling ignored, abandoned.
But is anyone out there listening?
Is anyone paying attention to what's coming?
Who do you think turned Jacob over to the thugs,
let loose the robbers on Israel?
Wasn't it God himself, this God against whom we've sinned -
not doing what he commanded,
not listening to what he said?
Isn't it God's anger that's behind all this,
God's punishing power?
Their whole world collapsed but they still didn't get it;
their life is in ruins but they don't take it to heart.

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