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  1. What exactly was the saving message that must be believed for eternal life preached by Peter?
  2. When are the "later times"? (1 Timothy 4:1)
  3. Why pray for God’s "will" to be done? (Matthew 6:10)
  4. How is it "work" to believe? (John 6:29)
  5. Why are Calvinist and Arminian views different and what are they?
  6. Did Jesus drink wine/alcohol?
  7. Why is being cleansed from evil a setup for greater evil? (Luke 11:24–26)
  8. Why were the Israelites angered because they craved meat? Didn't they have 1000’s of sheep and goats ant cows to eat?
  9. Does this mean we should not be proud of anything we have done? (Proverbs11:2)
  10. What’s the role of a Sunday school teacher in the lives of the children?

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