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  1. Why didn't God the Father or the Holy Spirit take the form of a human being to redeem mankind?
  2. Where in the Bible is it said that ignoring a sin doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist?
  3. When you and your partner consider yourselves married but are not legally married is having sex wrong in the eyes of God?
  4. Does the Bible teach us to believe in ourselves?
  5. What stone did the builders reject? (Psalm 118:22)
  6. Does the Bible prophesy about the AI/robotic era?
  7. Will Christians see the antichrist and maybe some of them be deceived by him for a time?
  8. What might God want me to learn while I'm at home because of a disability?
  9. Why does one gospel tell Mary to call her child Emmanuel whereas in another gospel she is to call his name Jesus?

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