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  1. Why was honey forbidden on the altar?
  2. Why is water never to be shared with strangers (Proverbs 5:17)?
  3. Who was Saul in the Old Testament?
  4. Did Mephibosheth ever walk again?
  5. Why did Elihu spend so much of this time defending his right to speak (Job 33:2-7)?
  6. Why does Isaiah refer to Jesus as the Everlasting Father?
  7. Where do we find the official biblical teaching that God is 3 persons?
  8. Is it not guidance of holy spirit most important in day to day living of saved ones
  9. If a woman asks for divorce, can the man remarry without commiting adultery?

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Question by ainsley chalmers , Medical Research Scientist, devoted family man.

What are the differing concepts of creation of Islam, Hinduism and Christianity?

Do religions other than Christianity believe that their gods created our universe, or are they secular in their beliefs?

December 16 2023 Follow Vote Up

Question by Anonymous

Why do Catholics eat fish on Friday?

1 Vote December 09 2023 Follow Vote Up

Question by Anonymous

Who was Jabez?

1 Chronicles 4:9 - 10

November 04 2023 Follow Vote Up