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James 195x100 ebible

JAMES: How Do You Know Your Faith Is Real?

By: Anthem Church

What if there was a visible way to discern whether one’s faith was legitimate or nothing more than hollow religion? What if God’s grace had ensured genuine belief in Jesus had an outward and discernible manifistation clearly distinguishable from just knowing, saying and doing the right things? Enter James, Jesus’ intrepid younger brother, whose short letter pierces though the self-deception and lukewarm living all too common among professing Christians. No New Testament book is more influenced by the teachings of Jesus nor more controversial throughout church history, than James’ epistle. So if you have asked the question “how do we know our faith is real”, then this hard-hitting letter from James has the answers you’ve been waiting for.

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The prayer network global outreach

By: The Prayer Network Outreach Ministry

As Christians we should all share the same views and believe in Jesus Christ about salvation and redemption from sins. Realizing that there is no separation by race, color or religion in heaven. The prayer network social networking site provide a great place for us to start standing up for that belief so that our light may shine amounts unbelievers and to publicly show our continuous support for Jesus Christ ministry.


Mentors Daily Devotional

By: Jijo

This is a daily devotional plan for all mentors in KU



By: eBible

Worrying and stressed? Let God and His Word comfort you.


Joyful Heart

By: eBible

Top 30 daily verses on Joy.