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  1. Why did God’s Spirit hover over the dark waters of the earth? (1:2)

    1 Vote Asked 10 days ago 5 Answers Asked By Jack Gutknecht

  2. What is the greatest challenge that the church faces today?

    1 Vote Asked 8 days ago 1 Answer Asked By Peter MowlahBaksh

  3. Will I be fat in heaven?

    Asked 5 days ago 1 Answer Asked By Anonymous

  4. Why did the angel strike Herod down in Acts 12?

    Asked 7 days ago 1 Answer Asked By Mokhoro Montsi

  5. Who wrote 1 John, 2 John, and 3 John?

    0 Votes Asked 8 days ago Asked By Bejay Lusterio

  6. Is it murder to turn off life support?

    0 Votes Asked 4 days ago Asked By Carolyn Rosado