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How to Read the Bible : Part 1 – More Than One Way to Read the Bible

By Colin Wong • October 09 2014

Where do we begin in our quest to understand the bible? The answer is deceptively simple. We begin by reading it. “How” you read your bible, as important as that is, is nonetheless completely outweighed by “if” you read your bible. There is a classic story about the 20th century evangelist D. L. Moody. It is said that a woman approached Mr. Moody and said, “You know, I really don’t like how you approach evangelism.” Humbly, Moody responded, “I’m not very fond of it either. How do you do it?” After shuffling about and stumbling over her words the woman confessed, “Well I guess I don’t really evangelize.” Moody smiled and quipped, “Well I like my way better.” That principle is appropriate with bible reading as well. Any method of reading it is better than not reading it at all.

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When Jesus Said “It Is Finished!” Do You Trust That He Meant It? Bob Jennings Has Encouragement For You!

By Colin Wong • October 04 2014

Jesus proclaims “It is finished!” (John 19:30) – and Pastor Jennings knows that Jesus did it. He dealt with sins, and now serves as an advocate with the Father. What a blessed hope that is.

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If You’re Afraid of Something, I Have Good News – You’re Not A Slave. You Are Free Because of Jesus.

By Colin Wong • September 27 2014

What are you afraid of? I mean, yes, I’m afraid of heights, and my wife is terrified of spiders, but I mean really, truly fear, like in an esoteric sense? All these things are worries that Jesus has conquered.

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How Do You Sound?

By Kelli Hamann • September 14 2014

You–yes, you–are an instrument with unlimited possibilities. It’s easy to make sweet music when all is well, but how do you sound when God allows you to be “struck”? What do the sounds you utter under difficult circumstances reveal about you? God’s word offers courage and strength to not only endure trials, but to triumph in the midst of them and to come out on the other side better, stronger, and more reflective of the character of Christ.

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Chandlersermon2 175x92

You Can Flip Through the Bible All You Want, But Christianity Is About One Thing – Not Behavior, But Jesus!

By Colin Wong • September 06 2014

This is the Christian message, over and over it needs to be heard that when we were still sinners – even as we are sinners now – Jesus was crucified for your sins and raised for your justification. Turning this freedom into a yoke of slavery gets Matt Chandler mad.

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Weakness Is Not Hypocrisy – It’s Biblical. Paul Washer Points Where We Need to Go!

By Colin Wong • August 23 2014

We often think that we need to get it right, that when we’ve sinned, before going back to God, we need to study the Bible, pray, make sure we are okay – and then we can get back to church. But my friends, Jesus came for sinners. He still comes for them. Admitting you’re weak is not hypocrisy. Weakness is meant to drive you to Christ…

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Pastor Eric Mason Explains Just What It Is to Be Planted in The Gospel

By Colin Wong • August 09 2014

What does Peter mean when he says that God granted us the knowledge of all things…through the knowledge of Him who called us? Dr. Mason says it straight: this is Good News!

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New Testament Overview: Jesus the Messiah

By Colin Wong • February 07 2014

From the moment that Adam and Eve sinned, God has been working a plan of redemption. Even through Israel’s failures, God’s plan remained intact. In our last session on the Old Testament, we noted that God gave Israel two important promises: (1) God would send His Messiah, who would be a King from the line of David, and (2) God would establish a new covenant to restore His relationship with His people.

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Old Testament Overview: Exile and the Promise of Restoration

By Colin Wong • January 22 2014

Time and again, God was faithful to keep His promises to His people. He multiplied Abraham’s descendants into a great nation; He planted the Israelites in the land of Canaan, and He established David’s kingly line. But God had also promised Israel that if they disobeyed, they would be conquered by a foreign nation, pulled from their homeland, and led into exile. God had promised this judgment if Israel disobeyed Him, and after generations of patiently waiting for His people to repent, God remained faithful to His promise.

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Old Testament Overview: God’s Presence on Earth

By Colin Wong • January 22 2014

Does anything matter more than God’s presence with us? Think about it: What could be worse than being separated from Almighty God? The Bible is filled with stories that describe the blessings that come with His presence and the horrors that accompany His rejection. God’s presence with people is a central theme of the Scriptures.

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