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New Year, Same You.

By Jess Griggs • January 06 2015

Without fail, in this time of year the headlines, the magazines in the grocery lines, your social media feeds, have a ton of pressure to be something other than what you are.

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Home free holy night 1 47 175x92

This Might Be My New Favorite Version Of “O Holy Night!”

By Michael Harrell • December 23 2014

Is this the right picture? Were stars brightly shining? What takes us back to the manger? Why celebrate Christmas at all, whether it happened in September or June or December or May? Because of this…

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This Is the Proof of God’s Touch on Our World! Absolutely Stunning!

By Jess Griggs • December 23 2014

Watch this insightful video that gives us a glimpse into the creative heart of God

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Her Rendition Of “I Can Only Imagine” Is Inspiring To Say The Least!

By Mark Burton • December 23 2014

Watch country music legend, Wynonna Judd proudly proclaim her Christianity and joyfully sing this beautiful song!

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Crosspoint o come emmanuel 175x92

This Song You Know Is Over 1500 Years Old, And It’s Just As True Today as Then. Join the Song.

By Michael Harrell • December 20 2014

Ever year, I sing this song, and every year, in the week leading up to Christmas, I reflect on the lyrics.

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Faithhill babychangeseverything 175x92

What Was Mary Thinking When The Angel Told Her The Good News? This Song Says it All!

By Michael Harrell • December 17 2014

Watch this video for a whole new look at what Mary must have been thinking before the birth of Jesus!

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Hope 1  175x92

Live Out The Fruits Of The Spirit!

By Jess Griggs • December 13 2014

Imagine a world where Christians not only knew what they believed, but acted upon it.

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Ebible crowder hymn 175x92

A Soft Rock Spin To A Spectacular Hymn; David Crowder Band With Another Instant Classic.

By Colin Wong • December 11 2014

There are songs that you fall in love with instantly – this hymn is one of those that make you thankful for a replay button!

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Whatchildisthis 175x92

Continue Toward Christmas with Awe: God Became Flesh. What Child Is This?

By Michael Harrell • December 06 2014

Happy Holidays! We Wish You a Merry Christmas! Santa Claus is Coming to Town, and we’re all Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree. These aren’t bad songs, and we certainly need a little Christmas, but they aren’t what Christmas is about.

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Boyle how great thou art 1 1  175x92

This Is EXACTLY What I Needed Today! Such a Wonderful Devotion & Song From Susan Boyle!

By eBible • December 03 2014

How Great Thou Art is usually energetic and triumphant, but Britain’s Got Talent sensation Susan Boyle turns it into a contemplative devotion.

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