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Relentless Love: Advent Day 4

By Kelli Hamann • December 04 2019

We have a chocolate lab, and his name is Truman. Every day he reminds me of God’s relentless love for me. He has no idea he’s doing it, but I’m convinced God sent him to me, just in case I happen to be having a hard time remembering how obsessed my heavenly Father is with … Continue reading Relentless Love: Advent Day 4 →

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Love That Moves Toward Us: Advent Day 3

By Kelli Hamann • December 03 2019

I once listened to a speaker liken God’s disposition toward us to that of a boy who owned an ant farm. This boy had a particular fondness for his ants, and he spent every spare moment he could admiring them as they tirelessly performed the same mundane tasks day in and day out: moving dirt … Continue reading Love That Moves Toward Us: Advent Day 3 →

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Unconditional Love: Advent Day 2

By Kelli Hamann • December 02 2019

Last summer I heard Chris Hodges, pastor of Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, AL, tell a great story about a girl he once met on a plane. Fresh from partying on Bourbon Street, she plunked herself down–along with her drink–right next to Chris, turned to him, and asked, “So, what do you do for … Continue reading Unconditional Love: Advent Day 2 →

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Advent of God’s Love: Day 1

By Kelli Hamann • December 01 2019

I think Jesus would agree with the great prophets, the Beatles, when they coined the phrase, “All you need is love.” After all, Jesus said so Himself when someone asked Him, “Teacher, which is the great commandment in the Law?” (Matt. 22:36, ESV) He told the questioner: “You shall love the Lord your God with … Continue reading Advent of God’s Love: Day 1 →

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The Unfast

By Kelli Hamann • March 24 2018

With a lot of people fasting during this season of lent, it might seem like a strange time to tell the story about a time when God put me on an “unfast,” but here goes. I’m typically a very positive person, and I love spreading warm fuzzies wherever I go. I know it catches people … Continue reading The Unfast →

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Unpacking the Bible’s Most Famous Prayer

By Kelli Hamann • January 17 2018

The Lord’s Prayer is such a universally known and respected piece of literature that I bet if you suddenly stood up anywhere—on a bus, in a restaurant, in a waiting room—and started reciting it loud enough for others to hear, they just might join you. Maybe. I think most people think of it as a … Continue reading Unpacking the Bible’s Most Famous Prayer →

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Compassion Challenge 2018!

By Kelli Hamann • December 30 2017

I am a first grader at heart, and I readily admit it. I love sparkly clothes, puppies, glitter, knock-knock jokes, animated movies, and I think loud burps are funny, not gross. Thankfully, I get to hang out with first graders every day as their teacher, and we have a very special connection. We get each … Continue reading Compassion Challenge 2018! →

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For You, and for You Only

By Kelli Hamann • December 27 2017

If you’ve been a Christian for a while—or maybe even if you haven’t—you’ve probably heard someone say this to you: “If you were the only one to ever accept Jesus, He still would have come to die just for YOU.” Wow. That’s a pretty heavy thought. I don’t know about you, but I have a … Continue reading For You, and for You Only →

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He’s Only “Mostly Dead,” not “All Dead”

By Kelli Hamann • December 23 2016

For those who have yet to see the enchanting movie, The Princess Bride, that’s where the funny video clip came from, starring Billy Crystal as “Miracle Max.” This timeless, feel-good film has been captivating audiences since the days when a clunky collection of VHS tapes took up most of the space in your TV room. … Continue reading He’s Only “Mostly Dead,” not “All Dead” →

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12 Powerful Verses About What It Means To Be “In Christ.”

By Jess Griggs • September 02 2015

There are certain phrases that get thrown around a lot at church. One of them is in Christ. What does it mean to be in Christ, and how can we obtain this status?

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