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Got light1 175x92

Got Light?

By Kelli Hamann • July 16 2015

Light. Such a powerful, mysterious element, and scientists are discovering more fascinating things about it all the time. Here are a couple of scientific assertions I think you’ll find very interesting: Everything is energy and nothing is truly solid [Light, by the way, is energy] Light had to have existed before matter could exist *Note: … Continue reading Got Light? →

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Rich in mercy 175x92

Rich in Mercy

By Kelli Hamann • July 05 2015

Mercy, not judgment. Forgiveness, not condemnation. Acceptance, not rejection. Encouragement, not brow-beating. This is the picture of Jesus I see in this well-known Bible passage, so brilliantly brought to life in the box office hit, The Passion of Christ. Here Jesus comes face-to-face with a known sinner, a woman caught in adultery. She has clearly … Continue reading Rich in Mercy →

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That moment when you realize i c 175x92

That Moment When You Realize: I Could Have Done More

By Kelli Hamann • June 23 2015

Missed opportunities. Wasted time. Neglecting what matters most. Oops. If you haven’t seen this short clip from Schindler’s List, (arguably Steven Spielberg’s finest work) let me briefly explain: Oskar Schindler, a real person and one-time Nazi sympathizer, had a sudden epiphany and went from aiding Nazis to saving Jews. His generosity and compassion saved 1200 … Continue reading That Moment When You Realize: I Could Have Done More →

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Keys that open doors of hope 175x92

Keys That Open Doors of Hope

By Kelli Hamann • May 25 2015

“Every key was made with a purpose. Every key has a story to tell.” ~Caitlyn Crosby Beautiful story. Fabulous company. Inspiring founder. The Giving Keys is an organization/movement whose mission is to assist homeless people by employing them to create jewelry fashioned from old, grungy, discarded keys. After being cleaned, each key is engraved with … Continue reading Keys That Open Doors of Hope →

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Laughter is the best medicine ne 175x92

Laughter Is Great Medicine: Neuroscience Supports the Bible!

By Kelli Hamann • May 18 2015

So, these uber-educated people are finally figuring out what the Bible has been telling us for thousands of years? I love it when stories like this one break out and I briefly get to feel smarter than the doctors, researchers, health and wellness advocates, and all the other brainiacs in the medical field who are … Continue reading Laughter Is Great Medicine: Neuroscience Supports the Bible! →

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Earthquake bs 2072 2015 in nepal 14 175x92

Nepal: Praise in the Storm

By Jenai Rothnie • May 12 2015

I am riding a boat today. This boat is made of cement and brick. The sea I ride is made of rolling earth and fear that crashes over and over in a load roar. – Rae Goss   I was woken up early this morning by a phone call from my mother; Nepal had been … Continue reading Nepal: Praise in the Storm →

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Hottopics feat 175x92

Hot Topics! “Does a believer ever become perfect?”

By John Thompson • May 12 2015

“Does a believer ever become perfect?” It’s a tough question that we all struggle with. Is there mercy from God? Is there enough Grace? If we don’t strive for perfection, will we go to hell? You therefore must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect. Matthew 5:48 Check out this answer: “We actually will … Continue reading Hot Topics! “Does a believer ever become perfect?” →

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Christcross 175x92

HOT TOPICS: Did the Thief on the cross REALLY go to HEAVEN?

By John Thompson • May 11 2015

Jesus’ response to the thief who believed leaves us in wonder. What could Jesus have meant in that moment? Did this man, a criminal, really go to Heaven?

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Pew churchhop 175x92

What Does The Bible Say About Church Hopping?

By John Thompson • May 07 2015

Click here to see what others are saying about this issue!

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Sold pol1 175x92

Hot Topic: What does God say about soldiers killing in battle?

By John Thompson • May 06 2015

What do you think?

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