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This Pastor Has a Unique Way of Reaching Out to His Community

By • 9 days ago

Community outreach looks different in every neighborhood, but on Saturday in St. Petersburg, Florida, it also sounded different. It sounds like the familiar cheerful jingle of an ice cream truck, to be exact.

Bill Losasso has always loved serving others. Not only is he a pastor, but he’s the founder of the Florida Dream Center, a nonprofit dedicated to helping communities affected by homelessness, hunger, poverty, addiction, and human trafficking. The organization donates 25,000 pounds of food every week, and more than 1.5 million pounds a year.


For his 73rd birthday this year, Bill’s daughter surprised him by renting an ice cream truck. It may seem odd, but he actually drove an ice cream truck when he was 17 and has fond memories of that time. Anyone could grab a free ice cream treat, regardless of their living situation. Bill refused to let anyone pay, even if they had a steady income.

Fox Tampa Bay

Bill told Fox News
he loved getting the opportunity to interact with the people of his community in such a unique way. He said a lot of the people he talked to told him they hadn’t had ice cream in years – and this was from the kids who got a free treat. For the adults, it had been much longer.

It might not seem like much in the grand scheme of things, but when you’re struggling to make it from day to day, such a sweet, simple, act of kindness makes all the difference. Of course, we could all use an extra dose of kindness (as well as sugar) during these difficult times as a nation. Bill is just one man doing his part, both big and small, to take care of the people God put in his path.

Fox Tampa Bay

“It’s beautiful, it’s great, it’s a blessing,” said Melvin Hillman, who drives the truck year-round. “I thank God I’m here to be a part of it. We have more people like him in the world it will definitely be a better world.”

Well said, Melvin! Happy birthday, Bill! Thanks for bringing a smile to those around you. To find out more about Pastor Bill’s non-profit, check out their website here.

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