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Not the End of the Story: Christmas Day

By • December 25 2019

Stockings. Candy canes. Hot cocoa. Breakfast casseroles. Squealing children waking groggy parents long before dawn. Coffee–LOTS of coffee. Piles and piles of torn wrapping paper and ribbon. Long-awaited dreams fulfilled. Joyful surprises. Food, food and more food. Pajamas all day long. Christmas movies and snuggles. People, stop reading this post and get to celebrating!

But–if by chance you’re up early, or you’re just seeking a moment of solace away from the chaos of today–then I do have something to say:

Dear reader, I truly wish you a lovely Christmas today. I pray you have people in your life with whom you’re sharing the wonder of what this day brings. Whatever your situation, I wish you love, joy, peace, hope, and Christmas dreams fulfilled. But best of all, I wish you Jesus.

“Long after all the Christmas decorations are put away… and stores have switched their focus to over-commercializing Valentine’s Day, Jesus will still be waiting for you and me, every single day.”

Because of His incomprehensible love for us, God sent His greatest gift to us, His Son, about 2053 years ago, and we’re still celebrating His birth all over the world today. After all these years, the power of what Jesus did for us is still alive. Not only that, but His eternal hope, love, grace, mercy, salvation, redemption of our past, and the chance to live anew–any kind of new beginning you can imagine–is ready and waiting for anyone who has spiritual eyes to see and spiritual ears to hear.

And here’s the best part: It doesn’t have to be Christmas for you to receive the gift of God’s love, which is wrapped up in Jesus. Long after all the Christmas decorations are put away, family members have travelled back home, kids have returned to school after winter break, we’ve started our post-holiday diets, and stores have switched their focus to over-commercializing Valentine’s Day, Jesus will still be waiting for you and me, every single day.

Here’s to discovering the true meaning of Christmas, and receiving every ounce of the love God wants to lavish on YOU today.

Merry Christmas!

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