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Love That Moves Toward Us: Advent Day 3

By • December 03 2019

I once listened to a speaker liken God’s disposition toward us to that of a boy who owned an ant farm. This boy had a particular fondness for his ants, and he spent every spare moment he could admiring them as they tirelessly performed the same mundane tasks day in and day out: moving dirt around, digging new tunnels, placing food into the special rooms they’d prepared, and so forth. He delighted in their every movement and nuance, even though not much new happened on any given day.

As much as the boy loved watching his little friends, what he loved most was talking to them and singing to them, telling them over and over again–day in and day out–how much he deeply loved and cared for them. Sometimes he even wrote his own songs and poetry. But he had a big problem: He knew the ants couldn’t understand, and he longed for them to know how much he cared about them. What’s worse, they were terribly afraid of him, ran away from him, and this broke his heart.

And so he became an ant.

One day he made a decision: He would become an ant so his beloved friends could talk to him face to face, so they could understand his words and his love songs, and so they wouldn’t be afraid of him anymore. His parents protested greatly at first, but when they realized he would never be happy unless he did this for his friends, they gave their full consent. Out of their deep love for him, they released him to do as he wished. And so he became an ant.

The similarity between this story and the Son of God’s decision to come to earth as a helpless baby is obvious, although it’s not a perfect analogy. But the core message is the same: God made a decision before the foundation of the world to do whatever He needed to do to be nearer to His beloved children–no matter how painful the cost. And when push came to shove, He humbled Himself, chose to become one of us, and embraced all that comes with being human in order to move closer to us.

Just like this boy, God has loving words to speak to you, and the Bible actually says He sings over you:

“The Lord your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing.” Zeph. 3:17 (ESV)

Wow! We have all kinds of worship songs written about God, but this verse says He has a repertoire of songs that He sings over us! I think that’s pretty amazing.

The greatest love story ever told is being celebrated all around the world right now. It’s the story of God choosing to move closer to us, even though He knew many people wouldn’t care or even notice. How can we resist that kind of love?

Happy December 3rd!

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