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Read Francis Chan’s Book ‘Multiply’ for Free on eBible

By • January 03 2014

Have you ever wondered what is the right way to read the Bible? What is a great overview of the Old Testament and the New Testament? How does it all tie together? What is our purpose as believers and what role do we fulfill as the Church?

As this new year starts, invites you to join us on a 25-day journey to understand the Bible and God’s purpose in us, as believers and the church, and a greater understanding of our kingdom mission on Earth.

Starting today, eBible brings you one chapter a day, every day, from Francis Chan’s excellent book, Multiply ($12.41 on Amazon or $8.54 on Kindle). Best of all, its FREE.

If there is just one book to read this year, this is it. Every chapter contains a set of questions to fuel discussions so that we, as a community, can learn together and from each other.

Best of all, Francis’ book is a blueprint on discipleship. You can take this book and use it to disciple others, who will then will take it to disciple their friends and family. And so forth. So let’s get started!



Join our worldwide community of believers. It’s free and always will be! Click Here.

If you’re new to the Bible or mature in your faith, this is the place to have questions answered, discussions with other believers, and always take it back to what the Word says. Join now.