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Hes only mostly dead not all dea 175x92

He’s Only “Mostly Dead,” not “All Dead”

By Kelli Hamann • December 23 2016

For those who have yet to see the enchanting movie, The Princess Bride, that’s where the funny video clip came from, starring Billy Crystal as “Miracle Max.” This timeless, feel-good film has been captivating audiences since the days when a clunky collection of VHS tapes took up most of the space in your TV room. … Continue reading He’s Only “Mostly Dead,” not “All Dead” →

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Romans6 175x92

12 Powerful Verses About What It Means To Be “In Christ.”

By Jess Griggs • September 02 2015

There are certain phrases that get thrown around a lot at church. One of them is in Christ. What does it mean to be in Christ, and how can we obtain this status?

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Lessons from lazarus 175x92

Lessons From Lazarus

By Kelli Hamann • August 25 2015

Even though it might be kind of creepy, wouldn’t it be cool to see some dead people come back to life? Or what about dead situations, dead relationships, dead finances, dead employment opportunities suddenly infused with new life? The story of Lazarus offers some clues and some hope for us. You know the story: It’s … Continue reading Lessons From Lazarus →

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Image 175x92

New Words, New Life

By Kelli Hamann • August 02 2015

“Words are things, I’m convinced. You must be careful about the words you use.” –Maya Angelou In his book, The Fourth Dimension, the magnetic pastor David Paul Yonggi Cho talks about a fascinating lunch meeting with a famous neurologist. The neurologist thinks he’s impressing Cho with some ground-breaking discoveries in neurological studies at that time, … Continue reading New Words, New Life →

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E1 gospel good works 21 175x92

The Gospel & Good Works: What’s Your Call?

By Michael Harrell • July 28 2015

How do you know if someone is really a Christian? Is it a mission trip, being on fire for God, hands raised Sunday morning, their offering, their fighting for a given political cause; are they a good person?

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Uh oh is he talking about me1 175x92

Uh-oh, Is He Talking About Me?

By Kelli Hamann • July 23 2015

Been there, done that. As a parent of four and an elementary school teacher, it’s fair to say I’ve dealt with a few whiny, ungrateful kids from time to time. And you know, I must be crazy or something, because I keep setting myself up for it. Here’s an example: Last year I decided to … Continue reading Uh-oh, Is He Talking About Me? →

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Got light1 175x92

Got Light?

By Kelli Hamann • July 16 2015

Light. Such a powerful, mysterious element, and scientists are discovering more fascinating things about it all the time. Here are a couple of scientific assertions I think you’ll find very interesting: Everything is energy and nothing is truly solid [Light, by the way, is energy] Light had to have existed before matter could exist *Note: … Continue reading Got Light? →

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Rich in mercy 175x92

Rich in Mercy

By Kelli Hamann • July 05 2015

Mercy, not judgment. Forgiveness, not condemnation. Acceptance, not rejection. Encouragement, not brow-beating. This is the picture of Jesus I see in this well-known Bible passage, so brilliantly brought to life in the box office hit, The Passion of Christ. Here Jesus comes face-to-face with a known sinner, a woman caught in adultery. She has clearly … Continue reading Rich in Mercy →

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That moment when you realize i c 175x92

That Moment When You Realize: I Could Have Done More

By Kelli Hamann • June 23 2015

Missed opportunities. Wasted time. Neglecting what matters most. Oops. If you haven’t seen this short clip from Schindler’s List, (arguably Steven Spielberg’s finest work) let me briefly explain: Oskar Schindler, a real person and one-time Nazi sympathizer, had a sudden epiphany and went from aiding Nazis to saving Jews. His generosity and compassion saved 1200 … Continue reading That Moment When You Realize: I Could Have Done More →

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Keys that open doors of hope 175x92

Keys That Open Doors of Hope

By Kelli Hamann • May 25 2015

“Every key was made with a purpose. Every key has a story to tell.” ~Caitlyn Crosby Beautiful story. Fabulous company. Inspiring founder. The Giving Keys is an organization/movement whose mission is to assist homeless people by employing them to create jewelry fashioned from old, grungy, discarded keys. After being cleaned, each key is engraved with … Continue reading Keys That Open Doors of Hope →

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